Upgrade install broken

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Upgrade install broken

Post by tmartin » Mon Aug 29, 2016 5:14 pm

I just recently attempted to install the upgrade that I was prompted to.

Unfortunately, it didn't go well, , in fact, , it broke things horribly. All I can do now is get to the activation screen. I agree to the license terms, it takes me to the next page, where it says "a newer version of timetrex if available, download v9.1.3 now".

I did that, and attempted to run the install. Everything stopped working. On the next screen, it has a popup to not do anything on the browser, I hit "yes" on that, that popup goes black processing, and everything stops right there.

This is running on a Windows XP machine, which hasn't had any issues before. I do have plans to migrate it to a new server, but this is a payroll week, not the time for this to fail.

Now, I can't even get back to the old installation, the ONLY thing I can get to is that license screen. Is there a way to roll this back or something?



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Re: Upgrade install broken

Post by shaunw » Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:04 am

Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft or TimeTrex, you will need to upgrade your operating system to continue to use TimeTrex.

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