Errors during install

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Errors during install

Post by mike77fz » Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:26 pm

Hi All,

Hope someone can help. I'm getting a few errors during installation. I was able to solve some by installing some php and apache packages. but here is what I have left. In addition to the below, after clicking to accept the license terms, I receive a pop up stating "Local Cache has expired"

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Running Ubuntu 16.04

Thank you,

Timetrex: unable to check latest version
PHP Version: OK (v7.0.8-0ubuntu0.16.04.3)

PHP Requirements

Detailed Error Messages

PHP CLI Requirements Output:
Minimum PHP Requirements are NOT met!!
Failed Requirements: ZIP I run apt-get to install zip but it says latest version is already installed
PHP INI: /etc/php/7.0/cli/php.ini
Process Owner: www-data
Failed Requirements: Require,ZIP,WConfigFile,WCacheDir,WStorageDir,WLogDir
Not writable: /var/www/html/timetrex/classes/modules/install/../../../README.txt

the timetrex.ini.php file contents are basically original

; Database connection settings. These can be set from the installer.
type = mysqli
;type = postgres8

host = localhost
database_name = timetrex
user = timetrex
password = "password"
; Email delivery settings.
;Least setup, deliver email through TimeTrex's email relay via SOAP (HTTP port 80)
delivery_method = soap

;Deliver email through local sendmail command specified in php.ini
;delivery_method = mail

;Deliver email through remote SMTP server with the following settings.
;delivery_method = smtp
; Cache settings
enable = TRUE
dir = /tmp/timetrex

;Set to false if you're debugging
production = TRUE

enable = FALSE
enable_display = FALSE
buffer_output = TRUE
enable_log = FALSE
verbosity = 10

; Force all clients to use SSL.
force_ssl = FALSE
installer_enabled = TRUE
primary_company_id = 0
hostname = localhost

; System Administrators Email address to send critical errors to if necessary. Set to FALSE to disable completely.
;system_admin_email = ""

default_interface = html5

;If you do it will cause all your passwords to become invalid,
;and you may lose access to some encrypted data.
salt = 0

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Re: Errors during install

Post by shaunw » Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:14 am

The Local Cache issue is usually related to a server failure or having PHP's display errors enabled, which corrupts data sent between the server and the web browser.

Either way though, you need to install the PHP-ZIP extension, and make sure the timetrex.ini.php, as well as the CacheDir, StorageDir and LogDir specified in that file are writable by the web server user.

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