timetrex versions question

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timetrex versions question

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We've been running TimeTrex v3.0.4 on an old PC running Linux as our in-office time punch program for many years and it still runs well with no serious errors! Since it isn't accessible from outside our LAN, we haven't had any security problems.

We are thinking of replacing the old Linux box with a small, energy-efficient Raspberry Pi. Sometime over a year ago, I was able to download, install, and run TimeTrex v11.0.0 on the RPi.
I let it sit for over a year, and now when I started the program, hoping to set it up, TimeTrex v11 warns that it is severely out of date and needs to be upgraded, but I couldn't figure out how to upgrade.

What is the current version that you recommend, where can I find the download of its installer for debian-type Linux?
In addition to doing a fresh install of the new version, is there an update method that should work? sudo apt-get didn't work.

Also, you you tell me the min and max kernel versions, PHP versions, etc needed to run v3.04, v11.0.0, and whatever the current version is? That will help me decide how to set up this little computer to use as our punchclock. For example, I might be able to put 3.0.4 on it and continue to use our current database, or, if I'm going to use the most recent version of TimeTrex, I'll know what OS and PHP to install before getting started. I can see from the GUI in v11.0.0 that you have come a long way since v3.0.4 (although I am actually still okay with the basic functionality of the old version!).

Thanks for continuing to develop this cool software system. For bigger companies that have more than the few people that we do, I bet it's a great commercial payroll solution!

Thanks in advance for helping me, a not super-savvy computer person, to continue to use your system in-house. If there are some links to your site or your help system that answer my questions, feel free to paste those as well.

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Re: timetrex versions question

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You can download the .DEB file for the latest version of TimeTrex here: https://www.timetrex.com/onsite-community

You can find instructions on installing the .DEB file here: https://www.timetrex.com/how-to-install ... ntu-debian

TimeTrex has a built-in auto-update feature, so as long as its installed properly from the beginning and your operating system is up-to-date, it should automatically handle upgrades for you.
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