maintenance jobs not running on a regular basis

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maintenance jobs not running on a regular basis

Post by joako » Thu Apr 27, 2017 4:26 pm

How can I fix this manually?

The cron job was not running due to a glitch on the server. That has since been fixed.

The pay periods had not run since January. Now the cron has been running for a few hours and ONE new pay period has been created. How can I accelerate this and make it catch up quicker? I assume one of the 16 maintenance tasks is for the pay periods? How can I see what those 16 jobs are and run them manually? I would rather get it caught up now than waiting a few hours/days.

Or could this be an issue with running auto updates on PHP 5.3.3?

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Re: maintenance jobs not running on a regular basis

Post by alexh » Thu May 04, 2017 11:26 am

If using the default maintenance jobs they will be running once a night and this is when new pay periods will be created. The task will create new pay periods up until the pay period schedule ends, or if it has no end date it will create pay periods until it creates the current pay period. One thing to note is the maintenance job will not create old pay periods if there is a new manually entered pay period, as it looks to see when the last pay period was and then creates a new pay period off after the most recent one.

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