Is there a way to force LDAP Authenication manually?

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Is there a way to force LDAP Authenication manually?

Post by terenceman » Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:04 pm


I just receive a task to take over this software today and I have completely no knowledge on it.
In the mangement console, Company-->Company Information-->LDAP Authenication. We already input all information for LDAP, but we didn't see any AD user accounts are sync/added to the Timetrex. I don't see anywhere in the management console that I can manually sync the ldap. In My Account-->Preference-->Schedule Synchronization is not available because we are using community edition.

Is there any way that we can manually force to sync the LDAP in timetrex?

Please advise.

We installed this application on one of our win server 2012 (Not R2) in VM. We just lately upgrade to the version from this installation file "TimeTrex_Community_Edition-windows-installerV10.6.2.exe"

Product Edition: Community
Version: 10.6.2
Operation System: WINNT
PHP Version: 7.0.17



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Re: Is there a way to force LDAP Authenication manually?

Post by shaunw » Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:01 pm

TimeTrex only performs LDAP authentication, it does not synchronize with LDAP or import employee records from LDAP, since LDAP doesn't contain enough information to do that.

LDAP Authentication simply means when an employee enters their username/password to login, the password is authenticated against LDAP rather than TimeTrex itself.

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