'Paid Time' column in reports

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'Paid Time' column in reports

Post by Batrams »

I'm playing with the beta interface and I got reports to work. In the classic interface, there's a column labeled 'Paid Time' available in Wages Payable report. I'm trying to duplicate this in the beta interface, but the 'Paid Time' column seems to be unavailable. This column is handy because it totals the various types of paid time. Is there a way to get this in the beta interface?

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Re: 'Paid Time' column in reports

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Paid Time column has been removed as it caused a lot of confusion for our customers as to what exactly it included or did not include. In the Professional Edition you can create your own custom columns that can be a combination of any other columns that you wish.

Just a reminder, the "beta" interface you may be referring to is the new interface which has been out of beta for over a year now.