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About Pay Stub

Post by shoutnet »

I am using fixed salary to create a pay stub (no timesheet)

when I want to change status from "OPEN" to "PAID" to so as to generate Pay Stub, I always encounter this problem, "No transactions exists, or employee does not have any pay method". I check the employee and he does have pay method.

I guess it maybe because of "no transactions" so I use process payroll and continue to step 7, when I click "Generate Pay Stubs", it shows me "error" and "failed" with the description "Pay stubs with a transaction date before today are still OPEN, all pay stubs must be PAID on or before their transaction date"

Any one have idea about this? thanks

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Re: About Pay Stub

Post by shaunw »

Processing pay stub transactions is the key step that you are missing, which tells TimeTrex to generate checks or EFT/ACH files and lets it know that the pay stub has been paid. If you follow the Process Payroll wizard steps, it will walk you through everything.

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