Issues while creating night shifts

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Issues while creating night shifts

Post by zehra »

I have created a shift with Time-in 10:30 PM (23-March-2021) and Time-out 9:15 AM (24-March-2021). However, at time-in S2 exception is triggered and at time-out O1 exception is triggered. Also, the Punch-in and Punch-out both is shown on 23-March-2021. Though Punch-out should be displayed on 24-March-2021. Kindly help.
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Re: Issues while creating night shifts

Post by shaunw »

By default TimeTrex assigns the entire shift to the day it starts on, so that is why you see a 10:30PM punch on March 23rd beside the 9:15AM punch from March 24th.

See "Assign Shifts To" setting for more information: ... edules.htm

As for the S2 exception, the employee wasn't scheduled for that shift, and O1 they worked more than 10hrs in a day. See Exception Policies below for more information on those: ... licies.htm

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