Payroll Export - Filter Unpaid Absences

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Payroll Export - Filter Unpaid Absences

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I don't know if this falls into anyone else's needs, but for our situation it would be very useful to be able to filter out Unpaid Absence Types from Payroll Exports Type: Generic.

For the file we need to export from the Payroll Export report, we only every want to see paid hours in this file.

I've already found where, in the PHP source, to add in a hard-coded condition to only grab absence policies that are paid, but this might be an option that others would like to have the ability to control from within the UI.

Maybe a pull-down option to select :
  • Paid
    Both Paid & Unpaid

Thank you for a great product with open source that allows the community to tweak it to their specific needs. This really is a great product!

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Re: Payroll Export - Filter Unpaid Absences

Post by shaunw »

If you simply map the absence policy to a blank value, it will be ignored during the export.