GPS Data Icon on timesheets

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GPS Data Icon on timesheets

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We just recently upgraded from the community edition to the Professional edition. One of the advantages for us is the phone apps. Being able to punch from a smart phone is wonderful, and the managers love that the punches include location data. However, looking at an employee timesheet, there is not any indicator as to whether any individual punch includes location data or not. This means the manager has to highlight a punch on the timesheet, then look up and see if the "Map" icon in the context menu lights up.

I think it would be nice to include a small icon, even an asterisk or some other per punch indicator on the timesheet to indicate that a particular punch includes location data. Even if it was just an exception that the administrator could turn on or off in the policy settings, at least that would let them know that one or more punches on that particular day were made remotely. (Adding it as an exception type also gives the benefit of email notices when they occur... And that may be the easier route to implement it now that I think about it...)

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Re: GPS Data Icon on timesheets

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I'm not sure an exception makes sense, most exceptions should be something that can be corrected or are in fact a rare case, and a location associated with a punch doesn't fall into that category.

We have considered trying to put an icon beside the punch to signify a location is stored with that punch, however it can start to get quite crowded when there are one or more exceptions, and the punches happen to be lunch or break too, plus we have other statuses we want to display icons for... This is likely the approach that we will take though.