Tiled "windows"

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Tiled "windows"

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I love being able to (for example) be looking at a request, then click on the "Schedule" button and be taken directly to that employee's schedule on the date in the request... However, I better be sure to write down or remember any info from the request, because the request "minimizes" and I can no longer read it.

Is there some way to keep both the request and the timesheet or schedule visible together? The simple answer would be to tile the windows... But I can see that getting confusing or messy in a hurry. Maybe pop out a smaller window to show the request while opening the schedule in the main window? Maybe a simplified "status bar" type pane at the bottom of the screen that keeps relevant info visible... Just a couple of thoughts off the top of my head. (admittedly, none of which are perfect.) But it seems SOME method of keeping the info from the request (or exception?? That is usually less of an issue...) visible on the screen while the manager edits the timesheet or schedule would be nice.

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Re: Tiled "windows"

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Thanks for your suggestion, I will be sure to pass it on to the developers.

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Re: Tiled "windows"

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I agree with this 100%. I would also like to see the TimeTrex Secure Login page title change as you navigate throughout the application.
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