Schedule Reporting

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Schedule Reporting

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I understand the current limitations of the Schedule Reporting where future recurring schedules are concerned. We are still leaning on the old interface to pull out future schedules & we know this functionality will soon be unavailable with new releases, but we MUST have something before it's completely removed.

100% of our needs could be met by 2 new features in the current "Schedules" interface & I'd love feedback on the feasibility of these features.

1) Add "Group By" to the ADVANCED SEARCH options
Allow the results to be grouped by a given field (Default Department, Branch, Title, Start Time, End Time) returning the total time grouped by the desired field.

2) Add the ability to export the data/results to a CSV
We could do so much with the data in Excel if we could only get it out of TimeTrex.
This feature could actually fulfill all our needs since we can always build pivot tables to get any summary we want.

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Re: Schedule Reporting

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Regarding the "Group By" functionality, the Attendance -> Schedule interface is already doing this by default essentially, and if you click the small "1" icon to the right of the date field, that will enable daily totals to be shown by Branch and Department. The "7" icon enables weekly totals.

Exporting this particular screen to excel is still a long way off unfortunately.