Purging of Data

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Purging of Data

Post by bhoffmann »

How about a purge feature?

For some reasons, my Stations file contains 191000 plus records - deleting 25 at a time will take forever.

Also, since I only have to keep 3 years worth of data for the IRS and DOL, what about a complete purge feature based on payroll dates? If I delete the payroll records, it should delete all the data associated with it, including punches, notes, etc.

Thank you.

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Re: Purging of Data

Post by shaunw »

You can manually delete any data that you wish, but almost all data is linked to other data in some fashion, so there isn't really anything that can be deleted "for free", including the station records. Unused station records are automatically purged after a set period of time, but if they are assigned to a punch then they are excluded from this process.

Under MyAccount -> Preferences, so you can set the items per page to 1000, then you can delete 1000 records at a time if you like.

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