Manual entry no stamping

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Manual entry no stamping

Post by DrK »

I've spent a week on and off getting my Community edition up and running. I realise now I should have just asked for a demo as the product does not fit my needs as it stands. I work in an environment where clocking in/out is not used, it is seen as old fashioned and as processionals we are trusted to book or track our hours manually with no recourse to wages, holidays etc. I feel it is a shame that the product cannot me run in a trusted mode or employees allowed to manually allowed to enter the number of hours they worked on a task or project (see my other feature request) given the database and interface are not far from what is needed.
I'm now off to look at other products that fit with a more flexible and trusted work environment, for example.
Thanks to the tech support for getting my install going, at least I have some more Linux skills under my belt now!

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Re: Manual entry no stamping

Post by shaunw »

TimeTrex v10 will have the ability to manually enter total hours rather than in/out times, its scheduled to be released sometime in the fall.

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Re: Manual entry no stamping

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Did this feature get implemented? I've been walking through the system and didn't see a way to not used In/Out. I too am just interested in 1.5 hrs on xxx 3 hrs on yyy


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Re: Manual entry no stamping

Post by shanec »

The manual timesheet functionality is only available with the Professional Edition and above.

For more information please contact our sales department at or 1-800-714-5153.

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