TimeSheet : Include New Request Button

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TimeSheet : Include New Request Button

Post by pokan »

Hi Shauwn.

This is my first posting after joining this forum.

I'm recently installing this TimeTrex system in my college and this system is very good on monitoring attendance. Congratulation for this very good effort for the open source system.

However, many of my client has ask me if there is a shortcut button/menu that appear on the 'TimeSheet' table for 'New Request' on Missing Punch, Absence, etc...etc..
The shortcut button should be as same as adding 'New Absence'.
Most of the problem when using standard 'Request' button is because user need to memorize the date they want to apply, and it is on different page completely.

My suggestion on solution for this problem are:
1) A dedicated row for the 'Request', same like 'Absence' row. -or-
2) A double click functionality or "New Request". -or-
3) "New Request" button appear on Right Click menu. -or-
4) "New Request" button appear on Editor group menu (put it beside 'New Absence' button)

I'm very happy if this functionality will appear on the next update.

Your help is very much appreciate. Thank You...

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Re: TimeSheet : Include New Request Button

Post by mikeb »

The functionality you mentioned is already available in any of the paid editions of TimeTrex, where we have a "Add Request" icon on the TimeSheet and Schedules that not only help the employee create new requests, but it also automatically does much of the heavy lifting for them by filling out most of the request for them automatically.

You can try it out in our Self-Service Demonstration, which is accessible from here: https://www.timetrex.com/request-demo
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