Schedule Print-Out

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Schedule Print-Out

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I was thinking about an easier way for job transfers or special projects to appear on the schedule. I think it would be nice to have each associates job title always printed above or under their schedule time but also an option to transfer a day to another position or add a note for a special project that appears on their schedule.

Right now I have just created departments so that when the schedule is posted they know when they are working their normal area and when they are in another area. Example: "Associate A helps out on the front end and also does some stocking work, so on his normal title is Cashier but on Monday and Wednesday he does stock, so on his schedule it would say Tue, Thu, Fri = Cashier and Mon, Wed = Stock".

Loving this program though, truly an amazing option for any business! Thank you!

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Re: Schedule Print-Out

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If you are currently using branches or departments to differentiate what the employee is doing on any given day, then it would appear on the printed schedule already.

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