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TimeTrex integration with Restaurant POS

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:13 am
by Kendash
I have attempted to integrate TimeTrex with a Restaurant POS system SambaPOS. I am actively working on more ways to integrate TimeTrex into this POS system and wondered if there is anyone here with an interest like this?

You can find my early attempts to integrate TimeTrex here:

TimeTrex SambaPOS Integration

The actual working integration has changed a lot but most of that discussion is inside the Beta Team forum in SambaPOS. With SambaPOS v5 we were given the ability to execute jscript inside the POS and so now I can execute my TimeTrex server side scripts directly and feed them parameters etc.

I just thought I would share this idea and see if anyone else here might be interested in something like this. SambaPOS is a project similar to TimeTrex in that it allows a very flexible and powerful framework for building your own custom solution.

Re: TimeTrex integration with Restaurant POS

Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:18 am
by Kendash
Ok so I thought I would share some of my work integrating TimeTrex into this awesome sandbox style POS system.

Here is a short video showing the integration. Those punches you see happening are actually being executed in TimeTrex via jscript using the TimeTrex API. This is a local hosted solution but it should also work with cloud version as well. I am also building a system for scheduling employees that will run through the POS so it seems like the POS system is doing all of this but reality is TimeTrex is doing the real work behind scenes.