How to ask for help.

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How to ask for help.

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We are more then happy to help you with any TimeTrex issues that may arise, but in order to do so we need as much detailed information as possible. Therefore, if you run into a problem with TimeTrex, especially during installation the following is all information that you should include in your post:

1. Clearly state what is happening, or what isn't happening that you feel should. If there are any error messages include the FULL EXACT error message.

2. Clearly state the EXACT steps you took before the issue occurred, or steps to reproduce the issue. Providing screenshots can help greatly if it is possible.

**NOTE: When providing screenshots please DO NOT crop or resize them as that may remove important information. For example an image of your entire screen can often tell us what operating system you're using, what web browser and what URL you are accessing, all of which may be critical information to help us resolve your issue. Of course feel free to black out any private information, like employee names or email addresses, however it can be helpful if you leave the first name, or the first and last letter visible so we can still differentiate between employees or at least reference them.

3. What version of TimeTrex you are running, specifically. (stating "the latest version" is not specific enough)

4. What operating system and version you are running.

5. How did you install TimeTrex, using the automated executable installer, or the manual .ZIP file?

If you used the manual .ZIP file to install TimeTrex, or are asked to provide debug information, please also include the following information:
1. What version of PHP you are using.

2. What database and version you are using.

3. What web server you are using.

4. Have you configured PHP to log errors to a file, and what errors are showing up in this file?
("error_log = <filename>" in PHP.INI)

5. In your TimeTrex.ini.php file, set the following under the [debug] section:
enable = TRUE
enable_display = FALSE
buffer_output = TRUE
enable_log = TRUE
verbosity = 10
Reproduce the issue and include any relevant information from the TimeTrex log file in your post.

By including all of the above information in your post TimeTrex support staff will have the best possible chance of helping you resolve the issue.

Please start a new topic for each individual issue that you have. DO NOT combine several issues into a single post if possible as that will just confuse things and make it more difficult to help you.
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