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General support regarding TimeTrex, such as
configuring policies/taxes or processing payroll.
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New Member/Where do I get started

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Hey guys, I work for a computer repair shop in NC. My boss/the business owner has recently passed away and the wheels need to keep turning. As his only employee at this time, that leaves me with quite a bit on my plate.

I've never had to do payroll before, let alone manage the system which we use to track it. I don't currently have any employees and his wife has been paying me with personal checks. Not great but I'm still reporting for taxes.

What I'm really looking for here is any insight into managing something like this any of you may have. I've lurked a bit and you all seem like great people so I look forward to chatting! I'm trying to unravel what he's been doing with timetrex so that we can have everything together going forward.

Pic unrelated, who doesn't love dogs?

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