Overtime and Accumulated Hours

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Overtime and Accumulated Hours

Post by lrusner »

I have attached a copy of my timesheet that is not showing overtime and accumulated hours that I worked. What did I do wrong? Please help
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Re: Overtime and Accumulated Hours

Post by shaunw »

Your punches are not entered correctly, please see the following for more information:
https://help.timetrex.com/v10.0/communi ... ndance.htm
https://help.timetrex.com/v10.0/communi ... Sheets.htm

I'm curious as to how you entered those punches though, as in most cases you would have to go out of your way to enter them incorrectly like that, or have a setting that is severely wrong. If you can explain in detail how you entered those punches (ie: what buttons you clicked in what order, etc...) we may be able to determine if its a setting problem or not.

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