Download process not delivering v11.4.4

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Download process not delivering v11.4.4

Post by rsavain »

During the install process i get the message that my version is not up to date. I says I should download v11.4.4.

I am running windows. I follow the link on the screen which send me back to the original download.

In fact the link downloaded the exact file I used to install earlier and it does not update the installation to v11.4.4 because it still ask that it be done.(tried it anyway to make sure)

How do i get the update. v11.4.4


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Re: Download process not delivering v11.4.4

Post by mikeb »

v11.4.4 was just released so it looks like not all of our servers were fully updated yet. We have ensured that all servers are now updated, so if you try to download it again it should be the proper version.
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