Totally Lost Need Help Bad

General support regarding TimeTrex, such as
configuring policies/taxes or processing payroll.
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Totally Lost Need Help Bad

Post by moondoggy »

I'm new to TimeTrex and I'm fairly lost.

I'm the treasurer for a small church in Florida and I have a bit of a situation that I need help with. We did not have a treasurer for the first 7 pay periods of this year. Whomever was paying our minister simply paid him his gross wages and I've had to backtrack and get things fixed. The minister receives a salary of $1500.00 per month and he also is entitled to a $1300.00 parsonage allowance. For starters I cannot figure out how to put in the Parsonage Allowance as it's not salary, it's an allowance that's not taxable income, Can someone explain how to get this setup in the system?

I have a second problem in that from PP 1 thru PP 7 they did not deduct the $46.67 in FIT, they paid him his gross salary and didn't file a 941 so if I retroactively create payrolls for those first 7 pay periods the program should calculate the $46.67 FIT but I need to add back in the $46.67 into his paycheck to make it come out the the $2800 gross salary which I assume would be something similar to the Parsonage allowance which I don't know how to setup.

In PP 8 we're getting him back on track as we are not adding in the $46.67 we are instead deducting $326.69 for the FIT we should have collected and I would like to make sure know how to put that into the system as well.

Any help on how to do all of this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Totally Lost Need Help Bad

Post by shaunw »

Retroactive payroll corrections in general can be extremely tricky to handle properly, and you definitely do want to make sure they are corrected properly the first time otherwise they will compound themselves and cause a lot of extra work for yourself and possibly trigger audits by the government, which nobody wants.

As such, I would recommend that you reach out to TimeTrex and consider purchasing a Professional Services support package so they can guide you through each step of the process and help ensure its done properly.

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