Accrual abuse

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Accrual abuse

Post by bobs »

Accrual balance calculations currently include all additions and withdrawals, including those having future dates and even future pay periods.

An employee with Manual Punch permission could complete any number of timesheets with future dates, e.g. 10 years in the future, totaling any amount of regular time worked.

All hours-based accounts would include this future "worked" time in the balance calculation, providing the employee with an arbitrary amount of additional accrued time, which might possibly never be discovered.

It seems that the totaling of earned accrual time should exclude future pay periods.
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Re: Accrual abuse

Post by mikeb »

Permissions for manual punch entry should only be given to trusted employees. If the employee is not trusted, accruals would be the least of your concerns. I won't get into the myriad of other ways such an employee could get paid for time not worked, or receive accrued time they should not have.

Having said that, you could use the "S2 - Not Scheduled" exception to help catch some of these cases, as it would trigger as soon they entered a punch on a future date. Placing caps on the accrued time could also help mitigate such concerns.
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