can not add box 14 on W2 form

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can not add box 14 on W2 form

Post by clpolyca »

My CPA wants me to add a state Disability Insurance to W2 form.
Using form setup at Payroll Tax wizard page, I added SDI on box 14, it can shows up on report, but not showing up on W2 form.
Is it a bug? or I did not setup W2 form correctly?

See screens below:
tt-w2-setup02.JPG (54.05 KiB) Viewed 2446 times
tt-w2-setup01.JPG (62.08 KiB) Viewed 2446 times
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Re: can not add box 14 on W2 form

Post by mikeb »

Box 14 is a generic "other" box, so each line item in that box must have name specified before it will appear on the W2. In the Form Setup tab, you will see the "Name" input box to the left of the "Include" dropdown box, that must filled out.
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