gmail smtp auth error

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gmail smtp auth error

Post by nth0mth0m »

Hey guys, just wanted to point bring this to the forum just in case someone else has a similar issue to mine with auth errors with using smtp for sending emails and gmail.

in the php.ini, the prior configuration of

delivery_method = smtp

only works if changed to:

delivery_method = smtp, smtp

Furthermore, google plans on phasing this out ("less secure apps") and move over to more secure options. Is this something that TimeTrex plans to support? If not, what other workarounds will be supported? I believe this will fuly be phased out by June 2024 but currently is listed as "Fall 2024"
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Re: gmail smtp auth error

Post by mikeb »

This is incorrect, the "delivery_method" should just be "smtp" and is actively used by us internally and many other customers. If "smtp" is not working for you, there is likely a larger issue at play.

As for GMail phasing out support for basic authentication, it is on our radar to add support for the more complicated OAuth2 authentication mechanisms, but its not a high priority. The reality is, the more complicated authentication mechanism is just not suitable for a system like TimeTrex due to the substantially higher latency required when sending emails.

We would recommend using a different email service such as AWS or Sendgrid instead, combined with a local SMTP server that can store and forward to them for optimal performance. TimeTrex does not retry failed send attempts, so having a local SMTP server that is always available is ideal.
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