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Custom Fields - Community Edition

Post by jgmahar »

Good Morning,

Are Custom Fields not available in the community edition of Timetrex? I'm trying to get T4's ready for 2023, and the instructions in the What's New about the new dental benefit say to use custom fields if it's not the same for all employees, which it isn't.

I can't find the custom fields options under the company menu, and when I try to add a custom field on the T4 summary form, it says they are created, but they never show up anywhere.

my installation is on-site, but I tried a cloud CE version, and it doesn't seem to be there either. on-site version is v16.10.0-20240119-133114

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Re: Custom Fields - Community Edition

Post by mikeb »

Correct, custom fields are not available in the Community Edition.
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