How to migrate from one Pay Period Schedule to another.

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How to migrate from one Pay Period Schedule to another.

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Pay periods are critical to the operation of TimeTrex, regardless if you use TimeTrex for payroll or not. TimeTrex will only total time based on the length of the pay periods, and without pay periods many salary calculations can not be performed either, so it is critical that a proper pay period schedule and pay periods exist at all times.

*NOTE: If you do not plan on using TimeTrex for payroll, we still recommend that you configure the pay periods to match what your pay periods actually are, or setup a weekly pay period schedule at the very least.

If you are having problems with Pay Periods, the best way to fix them is to create a new Pay Period Schedule and migrate any existing data across, this ensures that the Pay Periods are correct and haven't been manually modified which often results in TimeTrex failing to carry out its automated tasks. We recommend that you NEVER manually modify Pay Periods, because TimeTrex is a 24hr/day system, so if you modify a Pay Period and are off by even 1 second, it could cause a conflict resulting in TimeTrex not being able to create new Pay Periods on its own. Usually the only reason you would need to modify a Pay Period is if the Pay Period Schedule was incorrect in the first place, so fixing the Pay Period schedule in this way is the proper solution.

Here are the steps to create a new Pay Period Schedule and migrate any data to it:

1. Go to Admin -> Payroll -> Pay Period Schedule, click View beside the Pay Period Schedule in question and write down the start date of the earliest pay period (usually at the bottom of the list).

2. Go back to the Pay Period Schedule List page, edit the schedule in question and unassign all employees from it.

3. Create a new Pay Period Schedule that matches the settings of the existing schedule as much as possible, however when filling out the Create Initial Pay Periods From: field, use one day earlier then the start date from the earliest Pay Period in step 1. You may also use an earlier date if you wish to enter more historical data.

4. Once the new Pay Period Schedule is created, click View beside it, and confirm that all the necessary Pay Periods have been created starting from the date you specified, be sure that the status of each pay period is OPEN, with the latest Pay Period at the top of the list being N/A.

5. Now you are ready to import punch data from your old Pay Period Schedule to this new one. To do this simply start at the oldest Pay Period first, (one at the bottom of the list) click View, then make note of the number of Total Punches and click the Import button. Once the import is complete, the Total Punches value should change to reflect the number of punches imported. In some cases there may not be any punches to import so it will stay at 0, this is fine, but most Pay Periods should have punches to import.

6. Once the punches are imported into each Pay Period, you may go back to Admin -> Payroll -> Pay Period Schedules, and delete your old Pay Period Schedule.

TimeTrex should now continue to create new Pay Periods for you automatically without any manual intervention whatsoever.
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