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Log Question

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hi, as I was combing through our logs I came across this message saying LogDetail was disabled. I was wondering if this is something to worry about or not. If so what do I need to change to fix this problem? The line in concern will be in red.

DEBUG [L1806] [00334ms]: Factory::Save(): Calling preSave()
DEBUG [L1847] [00334ms]: Factory::Save(): Insert ID: 348245 Table: system_log
DEBUG [L1693] [00334ms]: Factory::getInsertQuery(): Insert
DEBUG [L1726] [00346ms]: Factory::CommitTransaction(): CommitTransaction(): Final Commit... Transaction: Count: 1 Off: 1 OK: 1
DEBUG [L0091] [00348ms]: TTLog::addEntry(): LogDetail Disabled... Object ID: 14 Action ID: 500 Table: cron Description: Executing Cron Job: 14 Command: "/usr/bin/php" "/var/www/html/timetrex/maint/calcQuickExceptions.php" Return Code: 0
DEBUG [L1715] [00348ms]: Factory::StartTransaction(): StartTransaction(): Transaction: Count: 0 Off: 0 OK: 1
DEBUG [L1806] [00348ms]: Factory::Save(): Calling preSave()
DEBUG [L1860] [00348ms]: Factory::Save(): Updating...
DEBUG [L1684] [00348ms]: Factory::getUpdateQuery(): Data changed, set updated date:

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