Windows Installer - Maintenance Jobs aren't running.

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Windows Installer - Maintenance Jobs aren't running.

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If you installed TimeTrex with the Windows installer and you are seeing the following message:
Warning: TimeTrex maintenance jobs have not run in the last 48hours. Please contact your TimeTrex administrator immediately.
Try changing the Windows user that the maintenance jobs are running as.

To do this go to Start -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Scheduled Tasks, right click on the TimeTrex entry, go to properties, then near the bottom change the "Run As" user to Administrator, and be sure to set the password as well.

Also it is important to ensure that the Scheduled Task is set to run every one (1) minute. If the task scheduler is not running the maintenance jobs every minute many of the jobs will be skipped and never run at all.

Once you have done that, TimeTrex should hopefully fix itself in the next 24hrs or less.
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