Working around a bug in PostgreSQL 10.9

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Working around a bug in PostgreSQL 10.9

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NOTE: As of August 8th 2019, this bug is fixed in all supported versions of PostgreSQL, therefore the below instructions are no longer required.

Unfortunately a bug was introduced in PostgreSQL v9.4.23, v9.5.18, v9.6.14, v10.9 and v11.4, all of which were released on 20-Jun-2019. The specific bug was introduced by the release note item:
"Fix failure of ALTER TABLE ... ALTER COLUMN TYPE when the table has a partial exclusion constraint (Tom Lane)".
The bug has already been fixed and is just waiting on the next release of PostgreSQL which is due out in early August 2019.

However due to this PostgreSQL bug, new installations of TimeTrex, or upgrades from TimeTrex versions prior to v11.0.0 will error out with a database failure.

To work around this issue on Ubuntu 18.04, you can easily downgrade to an earlier version of PostgreSQL, complete the install/upgrade of TimeTrex, then upgrade back to the latest version again.

To do this simple download the attached file, upload it to your Ubuntu server, then run the following commands:

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cd postgresql-10.3-ubuntu-18.04
Once the above is completed, install/upgrade TimeTrex, confirm it working as expected, then run "apt upgrade" to upgrade back to the most recent version of PostgreSQL.
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